we’ve made a strategic move…

introducing… Creative Generals
(formally Maker’s Mark Creative)

As of today, Maker’s Mark Creative will now be known as Creative Generals, offering the same great service but with a slightly new direction that’s more in line with our company vision.

At Creative Generals, our aim is to provide the same great creative, print and digital services we offered before, but with a more strategic focus to everything we do. We are here to help businesses – big and small – develop and enhance their own visions, with smart strategies, innovative solutions and turning well thought out and crafted ideas into reality.

What does this mean for you?

Nothing really changes, other than our name and our comms to you – we are still Jamie and Spiro, we will still be offering the same great service to all our clients but with a more focussed vision and smarter strategic game plan.

Why Creative Generals?

We believe in leadership, strong direction, innovative strategies, left field thinking, focussed visions and goals, a well thought plan of attack and above all, striving for success in everything we do.

Like any good Four Star General, we strive for the best solution and most viable strategic advantage when planning with our clients, that’s why we chose our name. It’s bold, it’s challenging, it’s strong and it leads… It’s all in the strategy behind the thinking, that determines the most successful outcomes. Creative Generals is your perfect alliance!

Lead with us, or let us lead you – we are at your attention!

We have a new website and would love your feedback – check out creativegenerals.com.au

Jamie and I look forward to continuing our existing alliance with you.

Signing off,

Jamie Shek and Spiro Papalas
Creative Generals