A total brand overhaul for Stock & Noble

A new brand, website, advertising and marketing plan for an equine fencing company that needed an edge in an already crowded marketplace.


Assist Amacron Solutions in finding a new point of difference and transition them into a business that corners the market in high quality horse fencing products for Australian and New Zealand.


Armed with a brand new identity and online presence, Stock & Noble is now one of the most premium horse fencing companies in the country, standing head and shoulders above their competitors.


We were approached by Joe, the new owner of Amacron Solutions, with a request: “help me find ways to make my new business more competitive”.

We had previously worked with Joe on a few other projects, so it wasn’t long before we were knee-deep in market research.

Leveraging our connection with our partners at 4D Marketing, we were able to get a detailed snapshot of customer sentiment, market positioning and the gaps that were ripe for Joe to explore.

Taking this approach, it became clear that there were substantial opportunity gaps in the marketplace that Joe’s new business should focus on. Using Perception Mapping, we discovered that cheap and functional products dominated, whilst very few premium products were available.

This married up perfectly with the quality of product Joe was keen to launch into the Australian market.

With our sights set on cornering the premium market, we quickly agreed that Amacron Solutions’ current brand needed a complete overhaul.

Brand Strategy

A new brand, website, advertising and marketing plan for an equine fencing company that needed an edge in an already crowded marketplace.

Brand Naming

The first hurdle we came across was the business name. Long story short, there are other businesses that also share the ‘Amacron’ name. We knew this would be confusing for customers and could quite easily create brand reputation damage outside of Joe’s control. Therefore, we all agreed to rename Amacron Solutions.
The naming process considered Joe’s backstory, gaps in the market and connecting it to the equine world in a novel way. After countless iterations we decided on Stock & Noble.

‘Stock’ is in reference to thoroughbred bloodstock and Noble refers to the nobility we inherently associate with horses. Putting these two words together in this format is reminiscent of high end brands like Tiffany & Co, Dolce & Gabbana, H&M, Town & Country, etc…

Voice & Tone

An expensive-looking brand identity with a high class voice & tone can be potentially alienating to some, but when one contrasts the other it creates something unexpected.
Stock & Noble customers do love the finer things in life, but they’re also quite down to earth and don’t want to appear snobbish.

So with this in mind, we set about crafting a guide to help Stock & Noble communicate with customers in a way that makes the company feel approachable, honest and straightforward.

Included in the voice & Tone guide was a suite of company taglines and marketing messages to succinctly convey the benefits of Stock & Noble products.

Brand identity

We only start moving pixels around after we’ve got a deep understanding of why we’re rebranding in the first place. Strategic intent is critical to any brand’s success, otherwise you run the risk of creating something no one wants or asked for.

We had identified a significant gap in the market that could be filled by a premium brand like Stock & Noble. As a result, we developed a brand identity that included a logomark, monogram, premium masterbrand, high-end typography, image treatment guidelines, future-proof colour palette and a range of creative templates.

What we ended up with was a brand identity that would be instantly recognised as quintessentially Stock & Noble, with or without any signifying mark or logo.

Product identity design

On top of a new brand identity, Stock & Noble had a suite of old and new products that needed to be absorbed into the new brand moving forward.

All previous product names, packaging, copywriting and value propositions were reconsidered in a collaborative way with Joe. We spent time teasing out the competitive differences of his products, highlighting the most effective elements based on our market research.

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Website design & development

Being a full service creative agency means we also build amazing websites. Customers make the majority of their purchasing decisions online, so we pulled out all the stops for the new Stock & Noble website to ensure the highest chance of customer conversions.

A quick canvas of the market revealed that website user experience is an afterthought for most competitors, meaning the benchmark for Stock & Noble to excel in this area was quite low. A website is an often under-appreciated sales tool, as most customers will make a purchasing decision during a website visit, user experience and high quality design is of the utmost importance.

Social media campaigns

Now armed with a rock solid Voice & Tone and market research for guidance, we set about developing a methodology for how Stock & Noble should approach the creation of their future social media content.

Breaking down content creation into 4 pillars, we developed a rolling calendar plan that covers: educational, inspirational, engaging and product-focused content. Each pillar is assigned a percentage for frequency of posts, while each month is assigned a theme or product. The aim here is to engage potential customers over time, rather than jumping too quickly into sales-focussed content.

Advertising campaigns

Getting the message out there is what we do best! It’s all about eye-catching visuals, compelling storytelling and persuasive calls to action. Having done all the strategic work, research and testing throughout the rebranding process, we knew exactly what was required to effectively advertise Stock & Noble.

Ongoing Support

We continue to support Stock & Noble through our stress-reducing, marketing task-doing machine, Dalligator! Through this we offer Marketing Tasks: On Demand, Paid Search and Advertising, Social Media Management, WordPress Management and SEO services. All Dalligator customers have a dedicated marketing expert to help manage their marketing activity, eliminating the need for managing numerous contractors.

First-class guys that have their heads screwed on

Joe Crisp

Owner & Director


As a result of taking the brave plunge into a strategic brand overhaul, Stock & Noble now leads the pack in premium horse fencing products across the Australia and New Zealand market.

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