Emotive Storytelling: a family farm transformed through hitachi technology

What do you get when you travel all the way out to Dubbo to develop a case study on revolutionary technology helping struggling farmers?

A deeply connected and emotive video campaign for our client, Hitachi.


Develop video case study for Hitachi to convey the power of their new ‘Internet Of Things’ technology in increasing efficiency in Australian farms.


We developed a deeply personal suite of videos that highlight the positive financial and emotional impact that Hitachi’s new technology is having on Australian farmers, their families and communities.

Emotional Hooks

By itself, showcasing the technological aspect would come across as dry and clinical. We knew from the outset that this campaign required a human element, and we had this focus throughout every stage of the process.

Natural Videography

Life on a rural farm can be hard going, so we made sure to capture this as realistically as possible. Contrasting this hardship with Hitachi’s new technology, heightens the viewer’s understanding of how beneficial this is to the farmers who use it.

Scripts, Storyboarding & Copywriting

Before travelling out to Dubbo, we had a clear vision of what we needed to capture — the farmer’s backstory, the family involved, the challenges they faced and the outcomes they were hoping to achieve in their partnership with Hitachi.

Sketching this out in a storyboard format gave clear instructions to our video crew on what to capture throughout the project. As with any brief, it’s critical to have a coherent plan of action to ensure success.

Our job was to tell an honest story that other farmers could easily relate to, whilst also breaking down the complexity of the technology into its most fundamental benefits and overall value.

Working closely with Hitachi Japan HQ, we developed a visual narrative that humanised.

We were fortunate enough to work with the Creative Generals team on one of our most anticipated case studies. Jamie and Spiro took a brief from our team, and created an informative and emotive representation of one of our biggest digital transformation projects.

They were diligent, understanding and met all of our deadlines, as well as not only adhering to the amendments – but adjusting to our reporting requirements. While the finished product speaks for itself, i couldn’t recommend the team more and look forward to working with them in the near future.

Jamie-Leigh Hecht

Corporate Affairs Officer


Behind every great video campaign is a compelling story and these videos speak for themselves, just as we had intended.

We successfully captured the struggles, history, hope, human connection, and the business success that comes with this revolutionary tech for Aussie farmers.

As a result, Hitachi is seeing a renewed interest in their innovative farm management technology.

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