What’s in a website

Designing and integrating a modern, responsive, modular and template-driven website to better serve key audience groups.


Consolidate Red Rock Group’s four core business in to one single online experience, but still serving its varied customers and clients.


An intelligent and unified brand experience encapsulating the best design aspects of Red Rock Group’s four core business.

Unified User Experience

To ensure red rock group’s customers and clients remain familiar with the site, we worked extensively on the user experience and recreated the functionally from the four core websites into their new site.

The ultimate website setup, with an efficient content migration strategy

The success of this project was down to time. To achieve the quickest speed to market, we built the site on a modular WordPress system. This gave us room to focus on creative campaign ideas, without any complex technical hurdles.

Features & Integration

Brand Extendability

Providing corporate flexibility for when we the company enters new markets.

Ongoing Support

We continue to support Redrock Group through our stress-reducing, marketing task-doing machine, Dalligator! Through this we offer Marketing Tasks: On Demand, Paid Search and Advertising, Social Media Management, WordPress Management and SEO services. All Dalligator customers have a dedicated marketing expert to help manage their marketing activity, eliminating the need for managing numerous contractors.

The team at creative generals have made the amalgamation of three separate domains into one unified web presence a real game changer for our cost efficiencies, brand message and usability for our clients and partners.


Andrew Cowan

Managing Director


Red rock group’s newly consolidated website launched seamlessly, with no interruption to their current business operations while maintaining their google search position.

The new website supports the company’s discussion to consolidate its four core business into one single platform and will continue to support future growth.

Services to client


Design & production.

Content & assets.


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