Melbourne based design agency specialising in strategy lead digital, print and creative services.

Design. Our Battlefield.

Strategy. Our Ammunition.

Solutions. Our End Game.

Recent Projects

We pride ourselves
in making the impossible possible.


Nuplas Apiarist Supplies

An innovative force in the apiculture industry producing solutions that drive better beekeeping now and into the future.


Making your Way to Latitude25

A sales tool that draws potential home buyers to the development site where they can experience the lifestyle of living at Latitude25 in Hervey Bay.

Gear Up!

strategy and branding.

  • Insights Research
  • Brand Essence Workshop
    & Story
  • Brand Positioning Workshop & Narrative
  • Communication Strategy
  • Brand Language And Voice
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Logo Development
  • Creative Concept Development
  • Brand Style Guide

design and production.

  • Corporate Identity / Stationery
  • Corporate Literature (Brochures, Flyers, etc)
  • Annual Reports
  • Product Catalogues Magazines / Newsletters Packaging
  • Signage And Vehicle Graphics
  • Trade Show Displays and Banners
  • Advertising (Web, Tv, Print) Billboards


  • Website Design and Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • SEO & SEM
  • Web Advertising
  • E-Mail Campaign Design
  • And Management
  • Social Media Graphics & Content, Strategy & Management
  • Video Production

We are a Melbourne based design agency specialising in branding & strategy, creative solutions, advertising campaigns, graphic design, web development and print production. We understand how brands, graphic design, web and business all work together and we work hard to minimise the risk to your business and investment. We do this by providing you with a team that is responsive, reliable, adaptable and extremely passionate about all things creative & digital and furthermore, we love to make people happy.

Having come from a background of full service design agencies, we know how to do everything in-house, but one of our major strengths, is finding the right people. Because Creative Generals live by the notion that you find the best person for the job, and then you get the hell out of their way.

We have an unwavering passion for creativity and design solutions that work and try to see ourselves more like an extension of your own team, so we can achieve your intended outcomes.

Our Allies

History (In the making)

once upon a time when we were young…

our favourite game was to play toy soldiers with our best buddies from the house next door, and the hardest decision in life – at that point in time – was whether to setup your army base defences, or go all out attack.

To this day, not too much has changed.

…we just turned our playground, into our business!

Creative Generals is a Melbourne-based full service creative agency lead by Spiro Papalas and Jamie Shek. We offer full creative management of all projects, big or small, and live to craft intelligent, incredible and effective work that is focused on your business and targets.

We pride ourselves in making the impossible possible…

Try us out and see…