Brand Refinement for a globally recognised product

Creating consistency between brand imagery and voice across multiple countries.


Kinesys needed to refine their branding so that their brand imagery spoke straight to the hearts of everyday people and their brand perception was consistent across all countries including United States, Canada and Australia. Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining trust and involves a tone of voice that relates with the brand imagery and values of the brand.


We detailed the types of imagery that Kinesys can use, with strong reference to how they relate to everyday people and empower them to embrace the outdoors. Together with a tone of voice that backs the imagery, we refined the branding so that the Kinesys values shone. We then applied the refined branding across all advertising and across all countries which resulted in a new website, social media branding, EDM strategy and digital advertising.  


As the known go-to brand for sunscreen, Kinesys needed to ensure their messaging was 100% consistent and delivering a strong message through their brand imagery and messaging. With a broad audience of everyday people, how to best strike a chord and create a conversation around the everyday household item?

The story of the founders’ struggle with skin cancer and passion for finding the highest quality formula provided a great answer. Communicating the quality of the product compared with the overwhelming number of lower quality options as well as their passion for not letting the sun get in the way of them having fun proved to be a story that many can relate to and feel empowered by.


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Logo Refinement

The logo design was adapted to keep up with modern styles and with two taglines. We designed it with a range of variations to provide flexibility of application across all communication.


These are images of everyday people, living their lives. These photos should be relatable, familiar and organic, showcasing how all people should be using sunscreen no matter where they are. Inspiring and uplifting, the images are filled with brand sentiment. Overlaid with the imagery or headings is the ‘swipe’ brand code. This element is a visual device that’s used to emphasise words or images. The layering of words between the foreground and background of images also creates a distinguishable and appealing brand identity.

Voice and Tone

Brand perception is heavily influenced by how the team and advertising is heard and understood. A friendly, familiar and straightforward tone was chosen to help clarify the benefits and guide people through what can be an overwhelming decision in choosing the best sunscreen.


After establishing a clear voice and tone and detailing its approach in the brand styleguide, we helped with copywriting for their website, emails, social media and digital advertising.

Shopify Development

The website needed to incorporate the new brand elements and brand imagery and also take on a modern design. A sense of ease is most crucial when it comes to website navigation and is also one of Kinesys top benefits as it’s easy to apply on – “Sunscreen made easy”. This was achieved with engaging content.

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Social Media

Social media strategy is vast. We developed various social media templates, important hashtags to be used and again consistency with imagery and voice.

Digital Ads

Highlighting the core values in just four words helps make a punchy headline and lasting impression. We outlined the strategy that makes digital advertising work with visual templates.

Creative Generals provided us with a clean, colourful and creative re-brand. Our new identity is true to our past, but brought in fresh new visuals, colour palette, brand voice and creative direction across marketing channels.

Lisa Heggie



Lisa and the team at KINeSYS can be confident that they have consistent messaging throughout all of their marketing channels, across all the countries they operate.  

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