Experience life in balance at the premium lifestyle community

Applying a new brand to a new lifestyle community that hasn’t been developed yet and differentiating it in a highly competitive location in sunny Queensland isn’t an easy task. After extensive customer research, our branding direction became clear and we introduced Lakeview Springs Lifestyle Resort as the resort of choice for enabling a fully balanced lifestyle.


To identify and attract the overs 55s market to a new lifestyle community that hasn’t been built.


Using ‘Life in Balance’ as a theme we found a unique way to stand out from competitors and build a database of customers that were ready to purchase. Buying into the offer of a balanced lifestyle.

Break free of conventional

Having a bit of fun with how we showed the activities you can enjoy was a light hearted way of saying you can relax, do what you want and do it your way. The shots were more candid and not about beauty but about creating real experiences within a real community. Where the competition was showing perfectly constructed shots of models we went for authenticity.

Showing the balance of life

It was important to create a seamless theme of life in balance. By using a creative tilt shift transition we blended shots that added to humour and made for a more interesting tell to the story.

Photography capturing a sense of fun

How do you imagine a place not built yet with nothing but a patch of dirt. Well, we set up locations and used readily available talent that could demonstrate activities and enjoyment at a wide variety of selected locations. Being located next to water elements and balmy Queensland afternoons and sunsets was also important. So creating this was challenge. We achieved this successfully to the delight of our client.

Designing a balanced lifestyle

We developed ‘The Elements of Balance’, a balance wheel methodology which visualises how all elements of life come together to make up a completely fulfilling life and appeal to a diverse community of both active and contemplative personalities who all pursue a variety of interests.

Promoting around town

To attract local and broader buy-in, It was important to promote the campaign locally and further afield. We used a brand variety of signage and display including billboards, put up kiosks and stands, as well as printed collateral that showed the brand, renders and photography.

Ongoing Support

We continue to support Lakeview Springs through our stress-reducing, marketing task-doing machine, Dalligator! Through this we offer Marketing Tasks: On Demand, WordPress Management and SEO services. All Dalligator customers have a dedicated marketing expert to help manage their marketing activity, eliminating the need for managing numerous contractors.

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Ryan Williams

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