Forming new perspectives on office furniture

For a family business taking a new direction into a more elevated market there was a challenge to make an impact amongst new competitors that are already established. Forme has emerged as the challenger brand taking the experience of decades long making knowledge and making new connections with architects and interior designers.


Create a new name and brand for the office furniture space that appeals to the more discerning leaders in architecture and design.


A sophisticated brand that elevates itself above just office furniture and communicates the new way of thinking of the work life balance. 

A story that connects

Focusing on their hero product the 6×6, is all about connections both in how it is put together and the community within the office space it empowers. We created a story that was measured, showing the making of the product and how it is placed in its work space. Simple animated typography and voiceover add to the feel of this elevated brand and its quality product range.

Humanising the office environment

It was important to not just focus on the product and we identified that showing the human element in the furniture design and its use was crucial. We show the makers, we show the interaction between designers and workers, we show people in everyday situations using the products seamlessly within their working day. 

The process of making

Using illustrative and collage techniques we created unique complementary imagery that would stand out from competitors while also talking of the process of making quality office furniture that considers the new function of the modern work place.

Branding system that differentiates

We designed the new branding system to work on multiple fronts. It clearly has to introduce the new name and also be iconic, classic and strong. The use of brand symbols to sign-off on collateral gives the brand flexibility and the branded tagline is an endorses the Forme philosophy.

Simplicity and design

The brand has to appeal to architects and interior designers in away that is clear and coherent while also looking well considered. We decided on a balance between minimalist in type usage with classic notes, letting the imagery be the hero and the unique illustration style adding flavour.

Considered details

The design is further elevated by simple crafted techniques and layouts that portray a a sense of space and beautiful aesthetic design that reflects the works of the audience. It also tells a story of craft as a reflection of the process of making furniture, from sketches to wood textures. 

Digital awareness

By using digital platforms we intend to further the story of Forme, Living Workspaces.  We have created a whole visual language that covers many aspects of what forms does and what they are about. 

Brand essence video

We set out to clearly define what Forme is, who its for and the future of workspace office design combining it all into a clear measured video that inspires and gives an overall look and feel of what Forme is about.

Elegance and depth​

We are in the process of collating the many products of Forme into a compendium of imagery that takes a more detailed look at its product and how it can effect change in the work place. We show the thinking of the future from product designers and visionaries in the industry. More to come!

Ongoing Support

We continue to support Forme through our stress-reducing, marketing task-doing machine, Dalligator! Through this we offer Marketing Tasks: On Demand and  WordPress Management services. All Dalligator customers have a dedicated marketing expert to help manage their marketing activity, eliminating the need for managing numerous contractors.

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