The story of the land: A brand from scratch brought to life

Cowra Seed and Grain approached us with the need to do a full brand overhaul. Creating the brand was the first part, then we brought it to life through story from print to motion. The result was an authentic voice that connected their customers with not just what they do but why and how they do it.


To strengthen a brand that represents multiple subtends and products for a business that spans generations of farming practices.


Transferring this brand architecture to be easily navigated across the CSG website was also successfully established. CSG is now fully revitalised, and you can listen to their story we captured — straight from the horses mouth!

The reel thing

A story that engages

Creating honest authentic portraits of people and place. We told a story of the family business from its roots! From when then wake up to the end of day and the toil that’s involved. We showed the quality of the Lachlan Valley pastures and the pride taken in the work they do to achieve a high standard of product and service in a honest ‘down-to-earth’ tone.

Over a multiple day videoshoot in the
heart of country Cowra, we told the real and believable brand story of CSG. We used everything at our disposal, from drone video through to farm visits at the break-of-dawn to capture the essence of the CSG farming processes and distilled them into a compelling brand video story.

Defining a clear brand strategy

Through segmentation of the audience, targeting and brand positioning, we focussed our understanding of the business. Gathering insights to help understand who CSG really is, where they want to go and how they need to reach their audience.

We deciphered their complex brand structure across all products and created a clear system that is easy for the consumer to understand and engage with.

Brand Strategy including:

Brand architecture for a range of services

Designing a clear brand architecture was particularly important for a company who manages the full cycle of seed and grain processes and offers a variety
of services. We developed four brand
divisions as well as four sub-divisions for their range of CowraFeed products.

Guidelines deliver consistency and easy to use system

As part of the branding component we take a careful approach to get all the elements right so they can work together including logos, tone of voice, imagery and treatments, illustrative and textural elements.

Branded applications

Consistency of colour was important to differentiate the master brand from its sub brands. We also used a variety of brands elements that we developed to emphasise certain key points from tagline through to the established badge.

POS and signage

The CSG brand was applied to their range of products in an engaging and refreshing approach that stood out from competitors and displayed through packaging, vehicle and point of sale items. Using concise messaging and an interesting approach to showing imagery, we created cut-through in 

this market.

Our brand promise

We wanted to create brand promise that sums up what they and what they stick by. Using carefully crafted typography it has become more of an emblem for CSG to show their consumers they care where they source their product.

Ongoing Support

We continue to support Forme through our stress-reducing, marketing task-doing machine, Dalligator! Through this we offer Marketing Tasks: On Demand and  WordPress Management services. All Dalligator customers have a dedicated marketing expert to help manage their marketing activity, eliminating the need for managing numerous contractors.

We worked with Jamie and Spiro on our company-wide rebrand through 2023. We found them and the team very responsive to work with, and have no issue in recommending their services.

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